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A private international holding company focused on the exploration and development of world class mineral deposits.
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Our Vision

Our Mission

Identify high value mineral assets in prime geological settings; execute efficient, focused and strategic exploration and project development for long term value creation.
Deliver high multiple returns through mineral exploration, discovery and development.

Thomas E. BOwens, Founder & CEO

"Combining modern technologies with proven old-fashioned "boots on the ground" field exploration. Exploring in the best regions globally for potential world class discoveries and using an international and highly incentivized team of the best explorers. This is our proven formula for success."
The IG team is a highly motivated team of international experts that truly enjoy what they do and thrive on discovering the undiscovered. In so doing, we create long term value for stakeholders, high paying jobs for local communities, tax revenues for state and local governments, and substantial returns for our investors.
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