About IG Global

IG Global Group of privately held companies has a successful history of mineral exploration and project development.  At IGG, we believe there is currently an unprecedented opportunity in mineral exploration tied to the decarbonization of the world’s economy combined with limited supply creating deficits in copper, lithium and other critical minerals. Our current projects portfolio includes copper, gold, and lithium assets in the United States, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Tom Bowens has assembled a team of innovative leaders in mineral exploration discovery, evaluation and project development of world class mineral deposits.


  • Leverage IGG strategic team & industry network
  • Engage in strategic partnerships
  • Create value through exploration, discovery, development
  • Deploy commodity cycle strategies
  • Timely asset acquisition and exit
  • First mover in areas of greatest targeted commodity potential to maximize returns
  • Provide complimentary drilling and other services to cycle capital and reduce shareholder dilution

We develop and manage a portfolio of projects starting with green field start-ups through to full definition phase studies creating a pipeline whereby value is added for our stakeholders at each key decision gate/milestone.

Thomas E. Bowens. Founder & CEO
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